iRollOver - Positional Sleep Therapy Trainer

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iRollOver is a Positional Sleep Therapy Trainer and Stop Snoring Solution that keeps you sleeping on your side by simply requesting that you “Roll-Over” once you begin to sleep on your back. Purchase iRollover today and turn your back on snoring.
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Positional Sleep Therapy

For most of us, one of the most effective snoring solutions has been our spouse. How often does your spouse request you roll-over when you start snoring – or elbow you to turn on your side? This natural cure for snoring comes at a significant cost… your spouse is not obtaining the sleep they deserve. Lack of sleep leads to irritability, numerous health problems and a significant reduction in personal productivity. Make the decision to stop snoring for both of you and start using iRollOver today!


Dimensions: Height 2" Width 3.5" Depth .5" Weight: 1 Ounce Battery: 3 Volt Lithium Ion (CR2450)

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